Concept design • Concept generation • Concept validation

Concept design

At WORLD NET FACTOR, our team begins the concept design phase by engaging in a cross-functional brainstorm on how your idea will solve consumer problems or how can we help you to transform your idea in a new reality.

We want to transform thought the drawings and with boards the best version of your product vision. Our industrial designers and engineers collaborate to produce a design that is both sellable and manufacturable.

A concept design isn’t just a sketch, is a new reality.


Concept generation


At WORLD NET FACTOR, Concept Generation begins with cross team collaboration to exchange ideas and visualize your product concept. We call this ideation: a constructive method of brainstorming that is based on your project’s requirements and design needs.
We use the term “sketch,” but the end product of the Concept Generation stage is far more than a drawing. Your concept sketches are the result of numerous iterations and revisions to correctly represent the foundation for your product.

When a final design is chosen, the concept is then ready to be adapted into 3D CAD.

Concept validation

To further ensure the success of your product concept, we measure the results from Concept Generation through a 3D model.

We find your winning concept by TESTING your design.