Engineering • Proof concpet • Industrial design • Prototyping


Solid engineering is the foundation of your product’s usability and longevity in the hands of the consumer.

Our mechanical, electrical, firmware and software engineers use the latest tools to design, prototype and validate your product.
After engineering stage, we can leverage our facility overseas manufacturing and our overseas partnerships to secure your production plan and manage the entire manufacturing process

Proof concept


Proof of concept is an important step in proving out assumptions and testing theories.

While not necessary in every case, proof of concept allows us to move a project forward with confidence that we won’t run into costly problems in future stages.

Industrial design

Our team of industrial designers provide innovative design concepts based on your requirements and unique vision.

Working at the crossroads of product, user and environment, WORLD NET FACTOR industrial designers have extensive experience creating and refining products that are aesthetically pleasing, innovative and highly practical. All of these exercises are used to design for usability, functionality, ergonomics, user experience and more.

WORLD NET FACTOR attracts Industrial Designers with world-class educational and experiential backgrounds to be a part of your project team.



It’s important to determine the purpose of your prototype before your team starts the creative process.

Depending on your project goals, specifications and budget, we will work with you to develop one or more types of prototypes. Someone wanting to give potential investors the full user experience of a product can use a production level prototype.

Your prototype will serve as an important tool to test functionality and test the performance of various materials.